The Gut Bomb - A Functional Medicine Approach to Optimal Health


Ditch counting calories. Ditch being hungry. Ditch the weigh-ins. Eat well, move well and live well with Catalyst’s Gut Bomb Program. Dr. Kacie of Catalyst Wellness is pairing with Elements in Motion to provide a comprehensive wellness program that fits your needs and takes the guesswork out of looking, feeling and living better.


This 21 day program utilizes whole foods, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals to support the immune system and facilitate healing of the gut. It is designed to address hormonal imbalances and autoimmune driven inflammatory reactons within your body. In fueling the body with whole, sustainably sourced, anti-inflammatory foods, it allows the body's systems to promote detoxification, repair and proper functioning of damaged tissues within the gut. Through this process, optimal hormonal balance is achieved, decreasing the stress on the autoimmune system and allowing the body to utilize it's organ systems efficiently. All of these events are precurssors to shedding the unwanted weight that is associated with leaky gut, autoimmune issues and slow metabolism. 


21 Days to a Happy Gut

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills in making the best food choices for your body and lifestyle.

  • Learn how to effectively meal plan, shop and prep for optimal success.

  • Understand why and how healing the gut will change your relationship with food and hold you accountable for long term success.

  • Be a part of a community! Join the Official Gut Bomb Facebook Group and have the support and accountability you need to make this lifestyle change permanent.

  • Embrace therapeutic movement opportunities and learn how moving with focused intention can aid in your healing, self care and self love practices.

  • Heal your gut, boost your immune system and say hello to the rest of your life free of pain, disease and weight retention.


Enrollment Includes:

  • Meal plans, guidelines and grocery lists for 3 weeks

  • Facebook and e-mail access to Dr. Kacie for questions and individual guidance

  • One private nutritional consult with Dr. Kacie in the first week of the program

  • One "Happy hour" with Gut Bomb Community

  • One month’s supply of all supplements used in the program

The Gut Bomb

$375.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price


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