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DNS Pilates

Course Objectives:


Introduction to DNS principles with relevance for Pilates instructors.


  • How the philosophies of Joseph Pilates align with DNS and how a skilled provider can enhance their Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, or Pilates practice.  

  • Discuss the development during the first year of life and the dysfunction that may arise in adulthood, including common postural and breathing dysfunctions.

  • Explain and demonstrate the process of verticalization and the the concept of functional joint centration.  

  • Evaluate and correct poor respiratory patterns and instruct correct respiration in isolated and integrated DNS and Pilates exercises.

  • Understand sagittal stabilization and assess the integrated stabilizing system of the spine (ISSS), visually and utilizing DNS functional tests. 

  • Integrate DNS tests into pre-Pilates exercises and instruction. 

  • Integrate corrective exercises based on developmental positions into corresponding Pilates exercises in global movement patterns (supine, prone, low kneeling, quadruped, bear and squat positions). 

  • Discuss similarities between developmental positions/progressions and Pilates exercises and progressions.

  • Explore basic support function in undifferentiated (homologous) and differentiated (ipsilateral, contralateral) movement patterns.  

  • Understand and practice the importance of maintaining joint centration through the entire kinetic chain and with the addition of resistance, support and instability, from Pilates apparatus.

  • Understand the influence of Pilates apparatus on kinetic chains – including the possibility of semi closed and semi open chain exercise. 

  • Review Pilates instruction (verbal and tactile cues) from a DNS perspective 

  • Apply basic neuro-physiological principles to Pilates program design and progression

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