50 Shades of Grey in Chiropractic

August 5, 2014

50 Shades of Grey


In lieu of the recent release of the sultry 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer I thought I might offer my very own version: 50 Shades of Grey in Chiropractic……


Let me start by saying that almost everyone, whether you’ve seen a Chiropractor or not, has formed an opinion about us. You hear from your sister-in-law that her Aunt’s Grandma is getting relief from her Fibromyalgia and arthritic low back pain by seeing a Chiropractor and your response is either one of two possibilities: “wow, you’ve got to be pretty desperate to believe in those quacks…you know they’re not even real doctors don’t you?” or “Oh my gosh, I LOVE my Chiropractor, she’s amazing, you know she helped me with that foot pain I had been to every doctor under the sun for? You HAVE to go see her, here’s a card,  or better yet, I can call for you!”


The moral of this story is short and simple: no two chiropractors are or will ever be the same.


Case in point: A very dear childhood friend of mine had been suffering from chronic low back pain from a very young age. She had been to a chiropractor, a naturopathic doctor, an orthopedist, a physical therapist, a neurologist and finally a neurosurgeon. She began with chiropractic, went religiously for 3 months straight. No relief and a few thousand dollars later, she was upset, frustrated and still in pain. She sought a second, a third and a fourth opinion and finally was set on surgery. Before she signed on for surgery she emailed me, thought we weren’t in the same state for me to treat her myself, I was able to refer her to a doc who would utilize the same techniques that I would. She called me the next week, raving. Within 4 days of treatment she was experiencing 50% reduction in pain with a completely different treatment approach compared to her previous chiropractor. At the end of the conversation she apologized to me, she said she had been calling chiropractors quacks and thieves since her previous encounter with the first doc. She is now healthy, pain free, surgery free, and that very girl that says “Oh my gosh, I love my chiropractor, you have to go see her!”


This is a story I will tell over and over because it was the first time I really had to explain to someone that not all chiropractors are created equal.  Yes, we have a set curriculum and we learn similar things from school to school, we all take and pass the same national boards to become licensed….BUT….each one of us takes an interest in different specialty areas and techniques.  But you can also encounter two docs who studied and hold certifications in the in same techniques, like my husband and I. We went to the same school. Were representatives for the same technique organization, read the same books, went to the same seminars, follow the same blogs, exchange clinical pearls, and offer treatment advice to one another but at the end of the day, our treatments are very different. Some patients prefer to see me over him and vice versa.


My point is- if you’ve tried chiropractic before and you too were less than satisfied and now believe we are quacks and thieves, I promise you, there is another shade of Grey you haven’t tried yet and that shade just might make all the difference in what you’re ailing from. 

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